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i mighta been born just plain white trash but fancy was my name

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"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 

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endreal replied to your post: booboo radley

you live in Greensboro now, right? There’s a bar on Lawndale called Boo Radley’s Tavern. idk how much of a drinker you are though.

i do, yeah!! i don’t think it’s far from my house. i think maybe i passed it the other day on a donut run. is it near geeksboro?? i am def a drinker so i will have to check it out :)

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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda


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I come from a planet of outlaws. Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos…

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i legitimately don’t understand how people are so annoyed by the ice bucket challenge? like not only has it raised a shitload of money for a good cause but also hot celebrities are dumping buckets of ice water all over themselves and then telling their hot celebrity friends to do the same. like what is wrong with you? why do you hate fun?

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